Monday, 17 December 2007

Merry Christmas

In case we don't get a chance to get on this again.

Merry Christmas

We will be home on Boxing Day. Looking forward to seeing everyone, but not the weather!

Back in Brissy

We are here in Brisbane for a couple of weeks before we head home. Basically we have not done much at all except chill and drink some beer.

We did go to the Gold Coast which is south of Brisbane. We went to the beach but the weather was not the best again! We also went to Wet 'N' Wild - Which isn't a porno directed by Mr Monkey, but a water park. It was good fun being a kid for the day.

The moody Gold Coast.
It's not cold, just bloody cloudy! (Kate: Check out Jamie's skirt!)
Of course we have had a few 'barbies' while we have been here and we have been out a few times too.
Me and Matt.
Jodie, Matt and a few of their mates celebrating Jodie's birthday.

Monday, 3 December 2007

Monkeys Diary - Post 13

Hello people. Check me out. I also have a sexy new wardrobe and I'm lookin goooood!

Looking for my rels.

Sh#t it's high up here!

I'd prefer it in the car as it's bloody cold out here!

I'm getting mad cos people keep taking me outside on these cold days!

Ali Monkey and the 40 thieves.

I don't care how long and straight it is. I'm not the idiot driving.

Guess where I am. You'll never get it!

I'm going to have this on my barbie tonight.

It's a hill, Woo!

Do people have nothing better to do than build a big pointless horse?

You still won't get where I am.

That reminds me, I could do with a p*ss...

The hills are alive with the sound of... a chimp farting!

Pondering life's big questions. Like when can we go and drink some wine?

All it took was a little stick of dynamite and kaboom!!

Once again, no-one will guess where I am!

I love BBQs. But who is that goddam psycho Aussie behind me? Do you like my new jumper?

And another new jumper! Courtesy of my good friend Karen from Geelong.

It was flamin' hot at Sovereign Hill.

This is my beer, ok? And who's that poncey barman posing on MY pic?

Why does Kate look so fed up? Cos Dr K loves me best, that's why!

I auditioned to be Bouncers replacement. But they thought I wasn't ready for such a big role. What do they know?

What a miserable day, where's the bloody sun gone, Australia??

What can I say about this pic, except that I'm lookin hot hot hot, baby yeahhhh!!!!

You may have heard that there's a new PM in Oz. Its me!

I told you I needed a wee.

That's all for now, guys. Naydine, if you're reading this, say hi to my other brother for me.

Saturday, 1 December 2007

Phillip Island to Sydney

Phillip Island

Once we left Ramsay Street, we headed south to Phillip Island and back into the tent (boo hoo!).

Once here we went to check out the views from the coast at The Nobbies. They a few rocky island of the coast. From here we used a telescope to see the largest fur seal population in Australia they were on some more rocky bits called Seal Rocks amazingly!

There are seals in this pic. Honest!

At sunset we headed to the penguin parade. We sat on the steps leading down to Summerlands Beach to watch the Little Penguins (they are about 30cm tall which is the smallest type of penguin in the world) come waddling out of the sea, across the beach and up to their burrows on the grassy bank. Then afterwards we walked back along the boardwalk past some of the burrows where you could see the penguins wandering about and getting frisky with each other and being very loud about it too! The males beat their wings in excitement when mating. Quite funny. Unfortunately we were not allowed to take photos as it would scare the little uns.

Venus Bay

After leaving Phillip Island we headed east to Venus Bay. From here we explored an area what is known as 'Prom' country. Firstly we went up to Agnes Falls and then into Tarra Bulga National Park up in the hills and did a small walk through a fern forest and across a suspension bridge which Kate didn't like too much.

Agnes Falls.

The bridge of Kate hate.

The next day we went to Wilson's Promontory National Park, which is the main draw here. We did the Lilly Pilly Nature Walk, a 5km walk through the rainforest. We were disappointed not to see any wildlife as the animals around this area we suppose to be quite tame due to the high amount of people that visit. Afterward we drove to Squeaky Beach where we had a squeaky stroll on the white quartz sand.

On the Lilly Pilly walk.

Lakes Entrance

Once we left Venus Bay we headed east to Lakes Entrance. We didn't much here as the weather was poor and the flies we driving us crazy. We were getting fed up of camping now especially having spent 9 day of luxury back in Geelong.

Galahs at the campsite.

Why did the echidna cross the road? To get his picture taken of course!


The next day we headed further east to Mallacoota. On the way we headed to Buchan and the cave you can visit. We had a guided tour of Royal Cave. It was a good break from the FLIES!!!

Inside Royal Cave.

If the flies were annoying us by day, then at night the mozzies were out in force for the first time in months. We think its a conspiracy to get us out of the country. Apparently the insects are not usually this bad in Victoria. The weather hadn't improved any either, so we had big steaks for tea and a bottle of wine to cheer us up!

The most boring boarder sign in Australia!


Once we left Mallocoota, we headed north to the nations capital. We stayed in Sutton which is just on the NSW side of the border. The weather was getting slightly better, but to cheer us up a bit we had a go on the giant jumping pillow that was at the campsite.

I know you're all jealous because you want a go too!

We drove in to Canberra to check out some of the sights. (Quick fact: Canberra is derived from the aboriginal word Kamberra, meaning 'meeting place') Being the political capital, we did all things government and monetary. First we went to the old Parliament building and luckily for us got a free guided tour around. We then went to the royal mint and made our own 1 dollar coin for $2.50, Bargain! Then we went to the new parliament house, there were no politicians there strutting their stuff as there had just been an election here and they have got a new government.

On top of the new parialment building.
Judge Judy.
Kate in the House of Representatives (The Commons).
Me in the Senate (House of Lords).
Next to a big squirt.

The journey has ended, sort of. We are now back in Sydney, in Glebe, trying to sell the car. Once that is done we are off to Brisbane to see Matt, a guy I used to work with back in Manchester. In the meantime we met up with Ben, a canoeing friend from back home, as he is over here meeting his woman and seeing a few of the sights as he has also quit his job.

Cruise ship at Sydney harbour.

Geelong, Melbourne and around


We stayed at George and Karen's house in Geelong. We met them on the Margaret River wine tour the previous month and they insisted on us staying, so we did!

We stayed here for 9 spoilt days of luxury, mainly doing nothing but we did go to a few places while we were here.


We were all invited around to a neighbours house on the next street for a traditional Aussie barbie. We didn't know anyone except G & K but we were made very welcome.

Me making friends with the guy doing the cooking of course!
Ballarat (Sovereign Hill)

George took us to the old gold mining town of Ballarat and the historic Sovereign Hill Living Museum. Basically its set up as an old village during the time of the gold rush with people dressed up in period costume acting on the streets. The buildings were actually from Ballarat itself but they had been moved to this spot which is situated on top of an old gold mine. You could visited a recreation of a mine, see how a gold ingot is made and actually pan for gold! Its a bit like Beamish for the ones who know what that is.
The main street.
There be gold in them there hills.
Me and Kate on the street. Feeling very hot!

The guy getting ready to pour the gold.

Helicopter Flight

We went to the centre of Geelong for a wander round and there was helicopter flights available on the sea front. George and Karen asked us if we had ever had a helicopter flight, but we said no. The next moment they had paid for a flight for us to our surprise. It was only suppose to be a 5 min flight, but luckily for us we had an extended flight because the pilot had to go and refuel back at the air strip. In the end we had a 20 minute flight which was pretty fantastic!

I'm a VIP of course
Kate with the windswept look.


We all went to Melbourne for the day and had a look in the Crown Casino. A huge entertainment and shopping complex in the centre of the city, but its main purpose was the casino with rows upon rows of slot machines and roulette tables etc. We also had a walk along the Yarra river up to Federation Square where they were having some sort of Polish festival, very busy! We went into some strange arty farty museum on the square. It was all a bit weird so we didn't stay in there long.

The view of Melbourne from the Yarra river.
Kate in Federation Square. It was another scorcher!

Yarra Valley Wine Tour

Yes, yet another wine tour! George and Karen were now back at work so we got the train into Melbourne where we were picked up for the tour to the Yarra Valley which is north east of the city. We drunk lots of course but didn't buy much as we had lots of wine from the previous tours.
Doing what she does best!

Kate thinks we bought all these!

Neighbours Tour

Kate insisted we did the neighbours tour (Whoopee!!!). So on the day we left Geelong on our way to Phillip Island, we parked up in Melbourne and went on a 3 hour tour of the Neighbours sets and outside locations. We even met Dr. K (My Hero!) on the back lot of the studios. Kate told him that she cheered for him when he was on Soapstar Superstar (Kate was in the audience), but not because he was any good. She thinks that might of been a bit mean. Overall Kate thought it was fabulously cheesy! I think it was bonza mate!
The Doc

Kates off with the street sign!

No. I'm off with it!

We would like to thank George and Karen for a fabulous time at theirs and we really appreciate
them letting us stay there. Plus the beer, wine and food as well.
Our excellent hosts, George and Karen. Plus two lovely guests!